Welcome to Collective Development


A warm welcome from the collective development crew

Somebody once told me that the human brain is like an efficient filing system; at the top lays everyday information needed to navigate our way through daily life whilst other non-essential information gathers dust at the back like a rusty old bike at the seaside. I have no idea if there is any research proving this to be totally accurate, but I like it nevertheless.

I had a bit of a panic recently. Last year I was brimming with super sharp information about fascinating, important and worldly matters. As a Master’s student in Social Anthropology of Development I juggled books and journals on subjects like forced migration, gender equality to food security. My daily information was about critiquing global policy and aid programmes and my hope of a better more just world slowly diminished.  I learned of the endless list of development interventions giving  rise to a whole host of new questions and  problems, rather than offering concrete solutions. Still, naively perhaps, I conjured up ideas and theories of what a better world would look like.

Soon enough I finished my Masters and discovered that my very own efficient filing system had a leak; losing information at a rate of two journals a day. So today I’m left with my newly mushy brain focusing at my career and professional development loan repayment plan and optimistically ignoring this current abysmally tough job market.

Cake is better than loan repayments!


The Blog

So, to help us along that rocky student- employment transition myself and a few others who all studied together decided to establish this blog; a space to critique, inspire others and utilise our learning in ways that we can.

The Collective Development blog space will be a source of ideas and sharing for people who also want to learn more about international and national development, social action and the world around us. Using our experiences in academia and on the ground (or field) we aim to inspire others and engage in a dialogue about matters that we collectively define as integral in creating a fairer, more equal and just society and world.

Welcome then. Please do read our blogs and leave comments and consider blogging yourself. Whether you’re a student, professional or someone who has just stumbled across us we’d love to hear from you, so please do get in touch. Contact us at info@collectivedevelopment.co.uk


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